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BoXiKoN High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!
Note: Only the best 5 scores from any Android is displayed so everyone gets a fair chance to make their mark on the top 100!

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Some Countries Represented

Germany Taiwan Islamic Republic of Iran Austria France Hungary United States Russian Federation Canada Mexico Italy Netherlands Vietnam Japan Belgium Spain China Brazil   United Kingdom Ukraine Kuwait Switzerland Latvia Venezuela Thailand Turkey Republic of Korea Iraq Guatemala Malaysia Kazakstan Bulgaria Australia Colombia Hong Kong Croatia Saudi Arabia

BoXiKoN Top 100 Scores for Americas  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1Leandro Freire17,18920 MediumBrazil
2Hans16,75720 HardColombia
3joeman13,82220 HardUnited States
4Leandro Freire 13,79420 MediumBrazil
5slake44 13,22220 MediumUnited States
6ELIAS RODRIGUEZ12,14120 HardUnited States
7joedad12,07220 HardUnited States
8No Name11,98419 HardColombia
9Leandro Freire 11,94220 MediumBrazil
10ELIAS RODRIGUEZ11,72820 HardUnited States
11trevor11,66519 HardUnited States
12Leandro Freire 11,62920 MediumBrazil
13Leandro Freire11,46620 MediumBrazil
14slake44 11,41618 MediumUnited States
15slake44 11,30220 MediumUnited States
16Leandro Freire11,03320 MediumBrazil
17Leandro Freire 10,95420 MediumBrazil
18slake44 10,94019 MediumUnited States
19joedad10,57919 HardUnited States
20joedad10,50719 HardUnited States
21slake44 10,42419 MediumUnited States
22slake44 10,42319 MediumUnited States
23THORN10,37818 HardUnited States
24Alex10,28618 HardVenezuela
25slake44 10,03718 MediumUnited States
26joedad9,94318 HardUnited States
27slake44 9,72118 MediumUnited States
28trevor 779,63417 HardUnited States
29slake44 9,60817 MediumUnited States
30No Name9,37519 MediumBrazil
31joedad9,34418 HardUnited States
32joedad9,34318 HardUnited States
33slake44 9,33418 MediumUnited States
34No Name9,29419 MediumBrazil
35trevor9,23417 HardUnited States
36slake44 8,96217 MediumUnited States
37slake44 8,90417 MediumUnited States
38joedad8,76217 HardUnited States
39tweetybird8,74117 HardUnited States
40slake44 8,69017 MediumUnited States
41THORN8,64917 HardUnited States
42No Name8,64818 MediumBrazil
43THORN8,59417 HardUnited States
44stevo a8,38817 HardUnited States
45slake448,18918 EasyUnited States
46slake448,15417 MediumUnited States
47slake448,07317 MediumUnited States
48Leandro Freire8,05819 Lite VersionBrazil
49trevor8,05517 HardUnited States
50trevor8,05016 HardUnited States
51The Bugger !!!!!!!!8,02617 MediumUnited States
52slake447,99217 MediumUnited States
53THORN7,94917 HardUnited States
54Slake44 7,83115 MediumUnited States
55joedad7,71116 HardUnited States
56The One7,66717 MediumUnited States
57joedad7,57517 HardUnited States
58 trevor7,55616 HardUnited States
59a bone7,54115 HardUnited States
60THORN7,53216 HardUnited States
61Joe dad7,30016 HardUnited States
62Leandro Freire 7,15217 MediumBrazil
63THORN7,12616 HardUnited States
64stevo a7,09816 HardUnited States
65THORN6,86616 HardUnited States
66thorn6,76015 HardUnited States
67THORN6,75316 HardUnited States
68THORN6,62616 HardUnited States
69trevor6,62115 HardUnited States
70THORN6,59015 HardUnited States
71stevo a6,58316 HardUnited States
72thorn6,53715 HardUnited States
73Leandro Freire6,51216 MediumBrazil
74joeman6,38516 HardUnited States
75sToNyBuD6,35017 EasyUnited States
76thorn6,32315 HardUnited States
77Gina6,25616 EasyUnited States
78Thorn5,92215 HardUnited States
79slake445,91615 MediumUnited States
80tweetybird5,88315 HardUnited States
81sToNyBuD5,63017 EasyUnited States
82No Name5,62015 MediumBrazil
83you know5,55815 MediumUnited States
84No Name5,50616 EasyBrazil
85thorn5,48114 HardUnited States
86Leandro Freire5,35515 MediumBrazil
87No Name5,33515 MediumBrazil
88No Name5,32114 HardUnited States
89Leandro Freire3,59512 MediumBrazil
90Leandro Freire3,43012 MediumBrazil
91No Name3,36413 Lite VersionBrazil
92No Name2,72612 MediumBrazil
93No Name2,57811 EasyUnited States
94No Name2,51512 Lite VersionBrazil
95No Name2,30512 Lite VersionBrazil
96No Name2,28810 MediumUnited States
97No Name1,94810 Lite VersionBrazil
98No Name1,87110 Lite VersionBrazil
99发货人就觉得任何人 J1,8292746 United States
100No Name1,810Lite VersionBrazil